Friday, March 19, 2010

On the Road

Jane was on the road!

Yes, Boston, I cheated on you over Spring Break. I got some sweet little love notes from your brother on the other side of Connecticut, and spent some time getting to know Brooklyn, midtown... even downtown. But no trip would be complete without some serious food indulgence, so here I document some of my tummy's fave highlights of the trip.

Champion Coffee Shop

Greenpoint, B-lyn.

Ok, so my sister lives directly above them. But they are still have the sweetest staff around, and boast a kick-ass back patio with plenty of sunshine, trees, and birdies.
AND, this massive cup of fresh fruit/greek yogurt/amazing granola that kept me full for hours was just blissful when enjoyed in the morning sunshine in the backyard. Their coffee is also pretty addictive - shots of espresso, no coffee maker in sight - so that this morning in Boston, I mourned the fact that I had to settle for Dunkin' on my way into the city. Cambridge needs a place like this!


Greenpoint, B-Lyn

Holy heck, I am full on cray-cray obsessed with this place. It started innocently enough over 4th of July weekend this past year. My sis and I strolled down for a little brunch, coffee, no big deal. Uhh, Big Deal indeed. We sat outside near their take-out coffee window and people watched on the sidewalk, and the egg sammy w/cheddar and sage was so out of this world scrumptious I made it at home three weekends in a row. I literally have been dreaming about corner gem ever since.
So on St. Paddy's, we hit it up. And my tentative toe-in-the-water vegetarian side went screaming away from the shore after splitting the 5-Leaves burger w/sis. Pickled beets, fried egg, and grilled pineapple. YES. We also split a huge salad with radicchio & butternut squash that was quite lovely. Also, it was 2-fer-1 Guinness.

Happy St. Paddy's, indeed!

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