Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunshine Chips!

Just two weeks ago, the sun started shining it's brightest for the first time in what felt like truly forever. I feel like I was still suffering windburn, frostbite, and soggy socks after the lovely winter we had on Appian Way. So, a few weeks ago, yellow happy rays coaxed me, huggable dogs, too-cute babies, and some of my fellow grad-slaves to bathe in Vitamin D and nosh on some snackies next to the Charles River. It was a necessary excuse to wander out of the library and blink into some happy sunlight! Even though it was a leeeetle windy by the Charles, and there were a few close-calls with the frisbees and our *ahem* heads, the fresh air and warmth was totally cathartic. I packed along some homemade rosemary pita chips & hummus, and they disappeared so fast, I had to share how so incredibly simple & easy it was to throw together such a yumtastic snack. They went so well with fresh-air lounging, I've forever renamed them my "Sunshine Chips". They're awesome alone or with some hummus for dipping. Enjoy, sunshines!

Sunshine Chips

Day-old pita bread

Olive oil

Salt & peps
Dried rosemary

Pre-heat oven to 400.

Mix together olive oil, s+p
Cut pita into triangles, separating at "seam"

Very lightly brush olive oil mixture on top of pita triangles and arrange in a single layer on cookie sheet

Sprinkle on dried rosemary
Bake for about 6-8 min, but watch these chippies carefully so they don't burn

IMO, best enjoyed outside. Pack in a reusable bag with some hummus, and take them into the sunshine.

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