Saturday, January 23, 2010

namaskaara (Good Morning!)

This morning I decided to look into the language of yoga - sanskrit - to learn more about the beautiful words that are used to describe some of my favorite poses, like Virabhadrasana (Warrior), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), and Vrksasana (Tree Pose). Anyway, sometimes just saying the words immediately calms me to that yogi-state.

Could you tell I took an ACTUAL yoga class this week? I finally took advantage of Harvard's super cheapie gym membership rates and met some ladies for a Friday afternoon power yoga session. Our instructor was quite wonderful and my previous public mat-posing fears were finally overcome. Friday afternoons will soon become my restorative, happy-place time, especially as skool starts up again and I find myself holed up in a dark corner of Gutman library, gettin' my
Hackman on.

So this morning, as I faced the ginormous mess that is my dining room (thanx 2 a newly renovated back room, all of our doodads and trinkets are now dispersed ever so non-carefully around the dining room table), I took a deep breath, a sip of coffee, and listened to the chanting (kirtan) of
Krishna Das. The combination of a little tiny bit of organizing your personal space (like making your bed? I SWEAR I will do that more this year), a good cup of coffee, and really, really good music is sometimes just the best way to start your day. My newest happy-place music happens to be chanting (it's not as goofy as you think, check out "Hara Hara Mahadev"), but yours could be whatever gets your blood flowing.

Tapping into the simple power of music is one of my absolute fave ways to be well, simply! What are YOUR favorite tunes to invigorate with, drive to, run to, or start/end your day with?

Be Well,


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